'Happycam' is a connected, wearable camera triggered by the happiness of its wearer to automatically capture the joyful moments of everyday life.

Recent advances in sensing technology in our cell phones and wearable body sensors have led to a wealth of biometric data that can be collected while we are going about our daily routines.

Sophisticated algorithmic analysis of this collected data allows us to gather stress levels, sleep information and activity patterns, to name just a few things.

In the years to come, as in the recent press announcement of Hitachi, these sensing technologies will even increasingly be able to detect our emotional states.

As a project, Happycam explores this ability of emotional sensing through the lense of a product application.

Project Details


In a combination of camera, sensor and smartphone app, Happycam creates a constant connection to the emotional moments of everyday life and transmits them as they happen.

The camera and its detachable sensor

The Happycam can be attached to any piece of clothing.

Its lightweight sensor can be placed wherever convenient, using the Happycam wristband, clip or pin, as long as it has contact with the skin.

A happy moment triggering Happycam

The transmitted picture of the moment

Accompanying the Happycam wearers in their everyday lives, Happycam continuously captures and transmits all joyful moments along the way, triggered by emotional peaks in happiness.

Another happy moment triggering Happycam


All pictures taken are collected in an interactive timeline, the size of each picture representing the emotional intensity of the moment captured.

The interactive timeline collecting all happy moments

Additionally comprehensive, interactive summaries showcase the pictures that were taken throughout longer periods of time, highlighting the most emotional moments throughout the months.


Enhanced ways of analysis cluster the collected moments based on such options as feature similarity or face detection for easier access and to enable more comprehensive insights.

Clustering of the pictures by feature analysis


Additional emotions to trigger the Happycam can be switched on in the settings of the app.

Multi-emotion analysis

Based around the core emotions of happiness, sadness, fear, surprise, disgust, and anger, enhanced insights can be gathered from the pictures and the corresponding emotions that triggered them.

Another happy moment triggering Happycam

Happycam – A wearable camera triggered by the emotions of its wearer to automatically capture the joyful moments of everyday life.